Intimage Partner Violence Exposure

One of the most common forms of abuse is exposure to intimate partner violence. Studies have shown that there is a significant risk that in their future relationships, these children will reproduce the same violent behavior. A child exposed to intimate partner violence, isolated, without tools or assistance, can suffer serious consequences affecting their health, emotions, behaviors, thoughts and academic results. On the other hand, some children fair better due to protective factors and it is precisely the goal of this project to promote protective factors for children exposed to intimate partner violence.

Research Project

Through the production and sharing of short animations, this research-creation project aims to mitigate the harmful repercussions that may be experienced by children exposed to conjugal violence while raising awareness of this reality of childhood. This project is intended to be a tool for preventing the consequences of exposure to intimate partner violence in children. Each clip reports on specific issues, conducive to raising awareness of intimate partner violence, and aims to transmit effective protection strategies to young people. These tools are inspired by participating children's words and they have been at the heart of the project throughout its development.

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